About Coinpins.com

In business for over 20 years!

Coinpins is a Chinese professional products manufacturer in business for over 20 years. We specialize in creating custom lapel pins, custom coins, custom key chains, PVC and embroidered patches as well as other products.

Coinpins has manufactured products for clients worldwide including over 50 companies located in North America.  To further improve both pricing and customer service to our US companies, Coinpins has moved directly into the US market, removing the middleman.

Our production procedures meet all Chinese Environment Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. In addition, our employee benefits surpass the Chinese labor law requirements. Coinpins is proud to announce that it has successfully surpassed the inspection for manufacturing American orders.

Our annual production capacity for products is as follows:

  • Custom Coins – 3 million pieces
  • Custom Lapel Pins – 50 million pieces
  • Offset Printed Products – 100 million pieces
  • Custom PVC Products – 10 million pieces
  • Custom Embroidered Products – 1 million pieces


Our factory uses the following materials in our production process:

Brass, Iron, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel.

Our production process capabilities include:

  • Die struck
  • Die cast and printing
  • Metal dimension including 2D and 3D, one or two sided, plus multiple levels
  •  metal dimension including 2D and 3D, one side or two sided, plus multiple levels
  • Color processing including soft enamel, hard enamel, cloisonné
  • Plating finishes including shiny: gold, silver, bronze, nickel, copper; antique: copper, bronze, silver, gold, nickel as well as stain silver and satin gold. Two-tone plating is also preferred.

Our production process is as follows:

  • Quotation/art work production ready
  • Open die or mold by CNC machines
  • Stamping/casting
  • Soldering of the pin post
  • Coloring
  • Stone polishing
  • Hand polishing
  • Plating
  • Quality control
  • Packaging
  • FedEx Priority Delivery to your door
  • Free FedEx priority shipping